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Kate Solisti

Welcome to Kinship Enterprises

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Since 1992 Kate Solisti has been providing people with:

For Animal Communication Sessions, click on "Animal Sessions" to the left.

Please use and enjoy all this site has to offer. Your animal companions will thank you for it!

Kate Solisti is dedicated to nurturing human/animal relationships and supporting wellness of bodies, minds and spirits:

* Through private animal communication sessions, she creates a special space for you and your animal to communicate clearly, openly -- fully supported in truth and deeper understanding.

* In nutritional counseling sessions, Kate explains how animals are designed to eat and co-creates with you a diet matched to your companion's needs and your budget.

* Kate custom blends Unity Essences for each animal or family for emotional rebalancing and harmony.

* Kate's classes provide invaluable insights and information in all aspects of her experience with animals as well as practical tools for growth and improvement.

* COMING SOON: The 3 Part Companion Animal Coaching Certification Program is a unique opportunity to study Dog & Cat Nutrition, Flower Essence Therapy, Energy Work and Animal Communication with Kate. Upon Completion of the course, students will receive a Certificate of Achievement. 

Kate is the author or editor of 5 books, translated into 7 languages. She has nearly twenty years of experience in the US, Canada, Mexico, Great Britain and in Europe working as an animal communicator, intuitive counselor, educator, mentor and dog and cat nutritionist.

Contact Kate Solisti

Call (303) 834-9150 or email at katesolisti@gmail.com

Address: P.O. Box 2604, Lyons, Colorado 80540 USA

Animal Communication

Do you want to talk with your animal friends? Does your animal companion have a challenging health or behavior issue you'd like to understand and address more successfully? Contact Kate for an Animal Communication Session.

Nutrition and Health

Are you interested in optimum nutrition and health for your animals?

Would you like to learn more about animal behavior, animals communicating with humans and how we help each other grow and evolve?

Kate offers teleconference classes on Cat and Dog Nutrition & Homemade Diets, Bach Flower Essences for Animals, Animal Communication, Raising Dogs and Cats the Ways Their Mothers Do, How Companion Animals Help Us Heal Physically & Spiritually, and more. Click on classes above or contact Kate to participate.

New: Every teleconference class session is recorded and the recording is available for FREE to each participant. If you missed a session, you can get a recording by ordering that class online.

Kate is also available for personal appearances at shops, clubs, conferences, meetings and other venues. Go to "Animal Sessions" and click on "Personal Appearances with Kate" for details.

Note: Kate does not help locate lost animals.